Jonathan Morrow

Special Legal Consultant

Phone: 202-822-1628


LLB, University of Sydney
B.A., University of Sydney
PhD, Monash University

Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia

Jonathan Morrow, an Australian lawyer, specializes in international law, natural resource development, and sovereign representations.  Since 2006, he has advised the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), working on the KRG Oil and Gas Law and production sharing contract regime. He has advised the Revenue Watch Institute on Libyan constitutional matters, and the UN on the resolution of international boundary disputes.   He also has served as senior adviser to the United States Institute of Peace and the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq, and he was part of a team advising the KRG Prime Minister on the draft Kurdistan constitution and on the Iraq federal oil and revenue sharing negotiations.  From 2001 to 2004 Morrow served as principal legal advisor to the Prime Minister of East Timor on maritime boundary and unitization treaty negotiations with Australia; as deputy negotiator on Timor Sea Treaty and maritime boundary negotiations; and as one of the principal constitutional advisers to the UN Transitional Administrator in East Timor.  Other sovereign representations include advising the government of Zambia on the renegotiation of mining agreements and advising the government of Afghanistan on constitutional amendment.  Mr. Morrow is admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, and served as a judge’s clerk for a senior Australian judge. 


Mr. Morrow is not admitted to practice in any State of the United States and does not advise on the laws of any state or any federal laws of the United States.

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